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Shannon Shiell

Director, Senior Instructor & DJ

Meet the energetic Shannon Shiell, Academia de Salsa's founder and director.

Shannon formed the Academia De Salsa some 27 years ago, originally as a hobby while she completed her Latin American studies at Glasgow University and learned salsa in Colombia and Cuba.

Shannon is a full time promoter of Salsa and her innovation keeps the Scottish salsa scene kicking! 


Senior Instructor


Jamie has been teaching with Academia for over 9 years. His classes are fast and fun with his wit and patience creating the perfect learning environment. 

With a PhD in chemistry Jamie uses his science knowhow to explore dance in the most unusual of ways... 


Senior Instructor & DJ


Grant DJs at most of our events and is a well loved member of the team. Grant also teaches salsa and bachata.


He’s a smooth dancer, always very welcoming and has a wicked sense of humour, usually conveyed through his customised T-shirts.


Senior Instructor


William is our Cuban Salsa styling expert. His musical interpretation skills are superb, so be sure to look out for him as he gets swept away by the music at our fantastic socials.


By night, William teaches salsa, but as a talented hairdresser by day, don't be afraid to ask him for an appointment too!

DJ Dan

Starting his Salsa journey as our office assistant, Dan had no choice but to become lost in the wonderful world of Latin dance! As he started sourcing and experimenting with salsa beats, his natural musical ear caught our attention, and having moved from the desk to decks, you'll more often find him entertaining the crowds at our regular events.




Billy is the newest member of our team but has been dancing with us for several years . 
He's very patient , easy-going and fun company!
He is also a radio presenter in his spare time.




Irene loves to dance. With a background in ballet, Irene loves to put her own twist on her moves. 

With a keen understanding of all aspects of the dance, Irene can spot a mistake and fix it before it even happens. 



If Andy doesn't know a move then it's not worth knowing. Let him share his encyclopedic  knowledge of salsa with you. Andy will shape you into a fantastic dancer with moves to impress! 



Megan was hooked from day one. Never off the dance floor, Megan's enthusiasm is infectious. Loving the speed of salsa and the movements of bachata Megan will help you unleash your inner dancer. 

Tio Frank

Frank is an inspiration to us all, old and young alike.

His vitality in life and on the dance floor has won him many admirers, not to mention dance competitions too! 

Youthful, with 86 years of experience behind him, we all ADORE our Tio Frank! He is our welcome committee and official party patriarch...he is usually the first and last man standing!