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Hen Nights

Girl Power on full throttle as you sashay your way through a salsa class! We can also offer you dining, clubbing and cocktail masterclass options. Many of our associates operate on a Bride Goes Free basis.


Our Salsa Fiesta Taster Sessions embark on a whirlwind tour of Latin America through dance , from the Dominican Republic's sensual bachata song to its cheeky merengue rhythm through Cuban Hot Salsa and Puerto Rico's raucous regaeton.


Our dancers not only get you dancing but they get you into the fiery and fun-loving latino psyche as you put expression into your dance..arriba.rriba! These sessions last 30-40 mins and are packed full of energy and wit! 

We guarantee that your friends and the bride-to-be will be talking about our Salsa Fiesta sessions for days afterwards! 


Approximate Cost: £10pp (class only)- £35 (depending on package) * price may vary according to venue.


Venues: We can host the session in any venue of your choice but if you’re stuck for a venue we can highly recommend the following as they have dining , cocktail master class and club night packages:



84 Mitchell Street , Glasgow G1 3NA




196-200, Bath St, Glasgow G2 4HG

0141 739 0044

Weddings: Putting together that First Dance!

The big day is just around the corner and you have that all important first dance to plan. Do you and your man have two left feet? Are you struggling to put together a choreography?


This activity is one of Shannon’s favourites.  Knowing how important and nerve-wracking the first dance is, it gives Shannon immense pleasure to put together a choreography that will wow your unsuspecting guests on the Big Day!

The choreography is reasonably easy to put together using Shannon’s special technique.
All you have to do is provide us with a song of your choice, any song that is special to you, and she’ll set to work on it. 

She can also edit down the song too.


Do we have to have previous dance experience?

Surprisingly NO. As we said, Shannon’s technique is foolproof, you’ll be amazed.
If you are an experienced dancer we can certainly step up the choreography. We can make it is simple or as complicated as you like.


How many sessions will we need?

Generally 3 to 4 sessions are recommended. 2 sessions to run through the basic moves, a third session to put it all together and video it for you to practice at home, and a final dress rehearsal on the fourth session.


Where are the sessions held? Cost?

Sessions are generally held at our teaching venues or in your one home. Occasionally we can also use our city centre venue. It all depends on availability, so best to book in as quickly as possible. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and occasionally Sundays.

The cost is £500 per package and includes choreo preparation, 4 x dance training sessions and song edit. .


PHOTO FUN! Ultimate Wedding Gift!

Looking for a truly unique and unbeatable Wedding Gift?

A few years ago Shannon and a group of arty friends decided to pitch in and buy a wedding gift for a friend. 
They ran through many options, and being the competitive type, they wanted to come up with THE winning gift. 
This is how 
Photo Fun was born, and it was a storming success! The guests LOVED it and the Bride & Groom said it was their favourite gift as it makes them laugh and laugh every time they flick through the hard-backed album that they were given as a personal memento. 

One client even remarked that he was truly overjoyed and surprised that we got a particular relative in on the action , as he was famed for not posing for family photos and had recently been  going through a difficult that’s what makes it all worth it for us!


It’s a great ice-breaker for the guests and isn’t expensive at all, if you get 3-5 friends together to cover the cost.


Get in the picture and hire us to bring along our props, photographer and expertise in getting people acting up for the camera! Photobooth-Fun is the ultimate wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday gift! 


We can even put together a mini Photo Fun mobile unit for hen parties at an affordable price, where you will receive a CD with the photos on it to share on Facebook or email.

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