Frequently asked questions

What will beginners salsa cover?

Over the course you will discover the essance and essential movements of cuban salsa. We'll teach you how to get your feet moving and how to turn and move. We take you right from the basics through to turns that will make you feel like a pro. As well as salsa we'll also introduce you to Merengue which is another dance style that is often danced at salsa social events throuought the world.

Why Salsa?

Salsa is a workout and a social event. Get fit and make some new friends. We'll give you all the skills you need to enjoy a night of dancing whether you're in Glasgow City Centre or Havana. Did you know that 60 mins of salsa dancing can burn up to 400 calories? Salsa dancing will also tone and shape your figure. In Latin America, people look forward to salsa dancing as a time to party and a way to let
your hair down and de-stress!

What is salsa?

Salsa, like the sauce, is a fusion. It takes many different styles of dance (like son, cha cha cha and mambo) and brings them together to create a fast-paced, fun party dance.

The footwork is fast, but quite simple. This frees the dancers to concentrate on the endless variety of turns and moves. Keep it simple and expressive or complex and challenging – it’s up to you!

How long does a course last?

Classes are 55 minutes long and the standard course is once a week for 8 weeks.

If you are doing our beginners cuban salsa course you are welcome to attend any of the other beginners cuban salsa as you are able for the duration of your course. As we normally have 2-3 beginners’ classes running at any one time this gives you lots of options for extra practise.

For higher levels you can register for an additional class for half price. (i.e. £20 for a second block or £4 for a second class)

What if I miss a class?

No problem, we know it’s often difficult to fit everything in. We always do a recap of the previous week, so you won’t be left behind. You are also welcome to make up your lost week at one of our other classes. So if you miss a week you could do two the next week.

(Make-up classes must be taken before the end of your 8 week course. Missed weeks cannot be carried forward.)

What if I miss the first class?

This is not a problem as we always recap what we did at the first class in week 2 of the course.

Can I pay weekly?

We require the course to be paid in full at the start of the first week. This helps us minimise the admin time and maximise the dancing time.

NB: Level 3 and above do have a drop in option for £8 per class.

Do I need a partner?

Definitely not! Lots of people come on their own. We change partners during the class so you will meet and dance with lots of different people.

What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. Wear something you are able to move around freely in. Also remember that salsa is a bit of a work out so class can get quite warm even in winter so we advise bringing layers that you can take on or off.

Will I be able to dance after 8 weeks?

Yes! We'll have you dancing in your first class and we have lots of regular social nights so we can arrange a class outing to put your skills to the test!

Do many men attend?

Yes, lots. Most of our classes are fairly balanced with about 40% of our clients being men. If we are short of leaders we have lots of Academia helpers on hand to step in.

I want to learn to dance for my wedding, can you help?

We've helped many happy couples surprise their friends and family with a spectacular first dance. Please get in touch with us to learn more about out wedding choreography service.

Is there a minimum/maximum age?

Please bear in mind that our classes are for adults only and they involve physical exercise. Aside from that we attract people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. Students, retired people, newly weds - it's a great place to mix with a new crowd. Some of our clients are well into their 70s and are still able to out dance the younger crowd.

Am I fit enough?

Salsa will help improve your fitness, the classes can be a bit of a workout, its comparable to jogging. If you find things are getting a bit much then just take a break, have some water and a seat. If you have underlying medical conditions then we recommend you speak to your doctor before starting.

What shoes should I wear?

To start with anything that is comfy!

As you progress and want to go out to our social events we advise wearing whatever you would wear to these events. For many of our female clients that means wearing heels.

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